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What are you ready?

Action, Arcade and Strategy in one game. It is very fun but hard enough. Explore six game levels. They are so different. You can select your favorite one. Collect all the sweets or collect as many as you can. Share and compare scores with your friends! Nevertheless, watch out. Monsters can catch you anywhere! At any level they are able to harm you! They can block your path or even block you. However, they also are not immortal. Sometimes they can stick to each other and cannot move. It makes it easier to pick a candy. Just download a game and try it!

This game is best played in the company of three or more people

Developed by Nikolay Borozenets. Game is made in Anti-design style. Game took part in Punk Jam and got a good review. In addition, it is free-to-play in all stores. Now it is only Mini Game but in future, it will be full.

You can see nit_rio 3 at GameMaker: Player, itch.io

When your share your results in Twitter, please use official hashtag: #nitrio3

Install instructions

  1. For downloading game on your computer use exe installer.


nit_rio 3-Setup- 4 MB